David and Noriko Cooper

Water-based Ink and Acrylics

Noriko was born in Tokyo, Japan and graduated with a masters in the textile design industry. After a couple of years, she was offered a chance to move to the USA in the 1970’s, which was her dream. Once in America, she was hired as a textile designer for one of the the top textile design companies in the world. As there were no computers with which to create her designs in the 70’s, Noriko designed and painted by hand. She had such clients as Macy’s, Bloomingdales, and Liberty of London, to name a few. On one trip to Chicago, Noriko was introduced to David, who was an artist as well! The two married and moved to his home in the midwest and started their family together.

Noriko’s murals can be seen from New York to Seattle WA, and she has also donated her time painting for churches and schools. She has taught origami at retirement homes, art classes in galleries, and just puts her whole hear and soul into her art.

David attended the American Academy of Art in Chicago and has an Associates degree in Illustration. His love of Jazz lead him to pursue designing for great jazz musicians.  David did some advertising work in Chicago for local jazz musicians, until he met Noriko and fell in love!

Starting a new family demanded that David find an additional source of income, and so he became a seafood expert, buying and selling seafood around the world through brokers and wholesalers. Forty years later, David and Noriko found themselves to be empty nesters. They decided to move to the beautiful Wilmington NC area and are finally painting together and pursue their life passion to paint and enjoy the beautiful weather, ocean, and southern hospitality.

David says, “When I sat down to paint again, the magic immediately came back and I was surprised by myself. I started to paint the rock and movie stars that were my idols throughout the years.”

Noriko says, “I am living the dream with my husband who also paints and manages the business which was our life long dream after we became empty nesters. I now paint almost every day!”

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