Mary Connor

Fiber Arts/Sculpture

Mary has made Wilmington, N her homCe for almost 50 years. A graduate of Sacred Heart University in Connecticut, she spent several years in education before moving on to a career in food service management. Retirement now affords her the time to devote to art.

She is a self- taught sewer. This skill has afforded her opportunities to create costumes for plays and local productions. To this she brings the innate ability to turn a customer’s vision into a tangible reality.

Her passion is sculpting through the mediums of wool and clay. Through the process of needle felting she sculpts raw wool into realistic, posable animals. She also enjoys wet felting wool into wearable clothing and accessories. Her polymer clay dioramas are unique conversation pieces. Miniature elements in the creations amaze people and often provide an element of humor.

When not commissioned, she supports a medical group creating comfort aids for women experiencing cancer. Mary is available through ArtExposure to create custom pieces in wool or clay. Please enjoy viewing her submissions here at ArtExposure.

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