Glenn Lamp


Born and raised in San Diego, CA, the love for the sea and art has been a part of Glenn’s life since as far back as he can remember. From an early age, he began pencil drawings and subsequently attended college on an art scholarship. After attending college on an art scholarship, he went on to work with a large publishing company in Charlotte, NC. Shortly after getting married, Glenn took his first leap of faith in 2000 and started my own business, providing commission art to the area’s designers, business owners, and high-end custom home market. After 11 years, he knew something was missing. He went on a mission trip to Guatemala and realized that nothing is whole without seeking, deep trust, praying and painting in the quiet presence of God.

Today, Glenn is a a full-time artist in Emerald Isle and Hampstead, NC, painting sea life using bright and vibrant colors.

Glenn says, “It’s not about the fish, it’s about the story of a great fisherman, Jesus. I choose to paint in a fauvism style. Influenced by sea life, nature, new color combinations and more importantly my personal time with God, all of these elements are in each piece.”

Glenn may be reached through ArtExposure.

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