Cara Merritt

Acrylics and Mixed Media

Self-taught North Carolina acrylic artist Cara C Merritt offers not only remarkably realistic representations of her subjects, but images infused with emotion, energy and warmth. She specializes in studies of wildlife, landscapes, seascapes and pet portraits.

Cara’s paintings often tell a story to the observer, indicating her attention to detail, as well as her love for the subject.

 “It is both calming and exciting to capture the always-individual expression join the eyes of the animals, the texture of fur and feathers,” she says. “The movement and power of water or the stillness of a morning meadow. to hold colors that will soon be a blazing sunset.” Each painting is a different world to step into.

“I love when people connect with my paintings, saying they get lost looking at it, or just want to reach in and touch the subject.” Cara’s choice of medium is acrylics, and her work is available as collector’s prints, greeting cards and giclées.

“I hope you will take a look through my work, and lose yourself for a minute.” Cara can be reached through the ArtExposure Gallery.

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