ArtExposure: Promoting Local Artists and Artisans

This is our fourteenth year as an influential establishment in the North Carolina art community. As Pender County’s premier art gallery, our resident studio associates, as well as our exhibiting artists, artisans and photographers, take great pride in ArtExposure’s position in the arts field, and continue to offer top of the line exhibits and courses in may areas in the arts. Those include classroom instruction in painting (acrylics, oils, watercolor), illustration (pencil, charcoal, pastels, color pencil, pen and ink), ballroom dancing, yoga, as well as private classes for those who desire individual instruction.  Please see our schedule for more information and to register.


Our vision is to flourish as an exciting, engaging and superior epicenter of artistic and creative energies that enriches and transforms people’s lives not only in our community, but in surrounding areas as well.


ArtExposure’s mission is to encourage and appreciate art and its role in society through direct engagement, exhibitions, classes and demonstrations. Our goal is to champion and nurture local and regional artists and artisans in all stages and aspects of their careers.

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