Sarah Murvin


In the past, Sarah had always put her art second; even in undergrad she only pursued a minor in studio art. Four years after completing her MBA, she was ready to put art first. She is currently gathering her portfolio and expanding her network, while pursuing her Masters in Fine arts in painting at the Savannah College of Art and Design.

Sarah’s animal portrait process begins with a graphite gestural drawing built up with layers of chalk pastel and charcoal. Working in real life helps Sarah better understand the animal’s form and this leads to many gestural drawings. Then, she takes photographs of the subject from different angles to capture the quirkiness of the animal. Sarah’s emphasis is on the animal, so working on wood panel keeps the background raw and soft. She uses charcoal to show basic elements of light, dark, texture, and detail. Paired with vibrant pastel colors, it then enhances the animal’s presence in the drawing.

Sarah is local to Wilmington, NC; born and raised in Hampstead, NC. She enjoys being close to family and childhood friends, and currently resides in Hampstead with her parents, and many animals.