Cindy Miles

Ceramics/Fiber Art

Cindy Miles finds human interactions fire her creative spirit…a dancers pose…the delight of a giggling child…the ruby throated chameleon out her window. Ms. Miles is inspired by all her life experiences of 60+ years. As a photographer captures a moment in time, she wants to sculpt instants…to surprise…to startle…to provoke…to create new ways of seeing for others.

Growing up in an artistically talented family, Cindy learned early to love for all forms of art. She holds a degree in psychology with minors in anthropology and ethnology, and “mini-minored” in interior design, art education, and modern dance in college. Later, Cindy traveled as a Marine Corps wife, raising her sons in various world cultures where she learned to weave, Irish Dance, and create couture fashion. She worked 18+ years in wardrobe and costume design for television and film, and later created and taught after-school student theater, dance and Japan clubs. 

During her 7th year of teaching, Cindy suffered a stroke and had to retire. To aid in her recovery, she focused on her creative skills…quilting, making cloth dolls, and creating marionettes. It was the discovery of figurative sculpting in clay that captivated her imagination and in some magical way, working with clay tied her life’s unique experiences together. 

Cindy is a life long learner who truly loves playing in the mud! To set up private lessons with Cindy, please contact ArtExposure at (903) 803-0302.

If you can imagine it, you can achieve it. If you can dream it, you can become it. -William Arthur Ward